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Nitrogen Tyres inflator machine manufacturers

Nitrogen Tyre Inflator

Nitrogen Tyre Inflators offered by us are designed using superior quality raw material to add desired performance and durability in the given operations. These tyre inflator are fully automatic and require only 5-10 minutes to start producing nitrogen of desired purity. Also, we use single stage filtration system before P-SA Tower. Also, the size of carbon molecular available in nitrogen gas is of latest grade Corbotech Germany make. Adding on, the extra quantity of CMS used in our range ensures satisfactory plant performance over many years.

Advantages of nitrogen gas in tyres:

Owing to the low temperature, nitrogen gas does not contract, and thus, the tyre rubber also does not contract. Therefore, the life of tyre rubber increases. Not just this, the braking of tyre is also improved, and the tyre does not skid or moke noise on turns
Being light in weight, nitrogen gas increases the vehicle fuel efficiency As, the nitrogen gas does not expand due to heat or increase in temperature, the tyre does not expand or bust in summer or a high speed The nitrogen produced by our system is completely dry and without moisture rims and wheels and less likely torust As the size of nitrogen gas molecule is bigger than air, the chances of the puncture is minimum. The nitrogen gas escapes very slowly from the tyre, thus, giving more time to drive a punctured tyre Under standard test conditions, the consistent usage of nitrogen gas filled tyres increases the tyre life by 20-25% & fuel saving by 6-10%

Automatic Tyre Inflator

Available with us a comprehensive range of Automatic Tyre Inflator which is available with LCD displays for set pressure and actual pressure indication. Our entire range is highly accurate and reliable, and is suitable for military vehicle depots, mining sites, aircraft hangers, vehicle workshops and transport yards. Also, the range is widely known for its durability and trouble free performance.

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